"Blessing on the Mountain" Visitors Center


What is there to see? Those who crave the feel of extraordinary height are welcome to come and be amazed at the views, smells and flavors of Har Bracha, situated on Grizim Mount. The unique visitors center blends wine and food tradition with breathtaking biblical views.


Why should you come? Proximity to the center of the country and Jerusalem is the natural connection to the “mountain back” of the State of Israel. Growing the finest vineyards of Mount Bracha is the heart of the matter – close acquaintance with the winery and vineyard story and the story of settlement in modern times.


Kosher Certification: Kosher L’Mehadrin. 

Access for the disabled is available.



Cost: NIS 30 per person for a wine tasting and instruction from the owner of the winery.


 For details and reservations: hbwineries@gmail.com

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