The Visitors Center

What is there to see?

Anyone craving the feeling of extraordinary height is welcome to come to us.
To be amazed at the views, smells and flavors of Mount Grizim, Har Bracha,
where there is a unique visitors center that combines wine and food tradition with spectacular biblical views.

About the winery

The Lavi family came to settle on Har Bracha, situated on Grizim Mount, with the belief that the land of Samaria is the cradle of the culture of the Jewish people. The “biblical” landscape and the Mediterranean atmosphere that is felt strongly in this region of the country led Nir to plant vineyards on the mountain. The edge of the mountains overlooking the Jordan Valley, the Gilead Mountains to the east, and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, give a feeling of extraordinary height. In 2007, with the birth of our fifth daughter Tama Naomi, and after much demand for our vineyard grapes, we decided to set up Har Bracha Winery. The winery by definition is an ESTATE WINERY – a “יקב נחלה” in its Hebrew terminology, meaning the winery produces wine from the grapes it grows. The whole family is harnessed to the various works in the winery and vineyard, and thus the blessing is evidently written: “Your wife as a fertile vine in the back of your home, your sons as olive trees around your desk.”

The winery produces close to 50,000 bottles a year and is in constant control because of its proximity to the family home.
The unique climate of hot days and cold nights.. brought us to the decision to plant vineyards for wine in Ephraim Nahal..
That’s the heart of it, that’s how we have done over the years and become the main mountain vineyards of the State of Israel.

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